Friday, May 8, 2009

Mass Panic

I find the panic around swine flu particularly amusing.

We're talking about the flu. A version which is sensitive to antiviral drugs. A version which has killed very few people that actually had access to health care. A version that isn't even spreading that rapidly as far as the flu goes. (If you are still worried this website can help.)

When friends and coworkers suggested that a change in plans in my vacation to Cozumel next month would be in order I responded only with a chuckle. Why would I cancel a vacation, losing money in the process, when my odds of catching the flu are likely as high in Dallas as in a tourist resort. Not only that, a good panic is good for scaring off all those other tourists that are going to otherwise crowd my beach.

My chuckle has paid off. Yesterday my travel agent called, I have been upgraded from a 4-star to a 5-star luxury resort due to vacancies.

Buy low, sell high. It's a concept that few people really understand, those that do make out like bandits.


Azura said...

I heart hysterical Americans...24 days.

Jane Dough said...

Heck, this coworkers wants to come along. I wouldn't try to convince you to change plans.

Jane Dough said...

Ahem...I meant "coworker". I should read before posting.

Bobby Lee said...

I tried to talk Katrina into booking a vacation to Mexico as soon as this swine flu bullshit came up. Things must be cheap as hell there right now.