Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Facade Fail

The GOP realizes the demographic of old, white, men is getting smaller, and they are desperately trying to not promote that image of their party. Earlier this year they elected the first black RNC chairman, a great first step were it not for the fact that they nearly mutinied a month later on him.

This week they updated their website to show "GOP faces", as C&L pointed out, those faces seem to look more like a Democratic gathering. I grabbed screenshots of all the faces and it really does look like an inclusive party.

Now to good stuff, comparing this with the exit polls of voters for John McCain.

So white males are being downplayed and African Americans are being trumpeted. I'm not really surprised, just humored.

I'm betting the best part is still to come though, I'll give you 2-to-1 odds that this is going to piss off their base.

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